- By Gagan Arora

Most of us feel that running is a very basic activity which we have been doing since our childhood, it may be a run in the school ground or run with friends while playing or a run at an airport when you are late for an important flight. But if we are planning to run regularly for over 5km per day or planning to compete in a race/marathon, we must get in touch with a coach and here is why:

Inducing Motivation

Distance running is tiring and monotonous; a good coach will do his best to keep you motivated and charged throughout the year with training modifications and plans that suits your needs and requirements. Personalized touch is required to each and every runner in order to stick to the plan and get most out of it. Especially on a day when you don’t want to get out of your bed you need a kick on your butt that pushes you out of the bed and show up for the training. On the other hand a coach makes sure you rest and recover from all sessions and train as and when required.


What to do? How to do? When to do? And How much to do?
Answers to these questions are different at different times of the year. I see Distance Running as an ultimate test of human body. Every Race is an ultimate test of whatever you have done in the training period, that’s why periodization plays an important role for any training plan whether it’s an Elite or Amateur runner. We break training into small parts and make small, time bound, achievable goals that help us to achieve our long term goals with ease.

Running Efficient

Another very crucial aspect of distance running is that we can’t store a lot in our bodies and run. We have very limited resources of carbohydrates for the activity and distance runners often run out of fuel and “Hit the Wall” during long runs and races. Efficient running techniques are taught and practiced during training sessions to make sure runners are not wasting their limited resources of energy by inappropriate running form and breathing patterns.

Nutritional Advisory

There are so many myths about exercise and nutrition; everyone needs some education that how does your body work and how it can work better. Nutrition plays an important role in our life and for Distance Running it becomes indispensable. What to do throughout the day, how to fuel your runs and eat pre / Intra / post workout. Hydration strategies and electrolyte re-fueling are also very important aspects to get more out of your training runs.

Prevention from Injuries

Running is a captivating sport, you will never come to know when you are in love with it and you have started running too much... Overuse injuries are so common among unconditioned runners that at any point of time almost 70% of runners have some issues with their ankles / knee / hip / low back or even shoulder. A sensible coach will make sure you are not over doing the stuff and performing other supporting activities like Strength Training and Flexibility on regular basis.